Residential / Homeowner Claim

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We are contacted by many residential / home owner consumers for extremely different reasons. Most are not satisfied with the  insurers claim payment and/or offer of settlement of their claim and get lost somewhere along the line due to the complicated language of the claim documents and policy.  A professional public adjuster, a good one, knows insurance and learns the policy inside and out, properly document the claim and then gets the claims paid. You would not believe how many people only recover 10-15% of their claim as they are just unaware of how to report a claim or what they are entitled to in accordance with the policy. 

Many policy holders have asked the same questions: What do I begin with? I don't think the insurance company is fair to me?  How do I know my damages have been properly documented? Will I recover enough to rebuild? Can I do the claim myself without a Public Adjuster? All of your questions can be anwered by picking up the phone and giving us a call. We can provide honest and professional advice to you and there is never a charge if our service is not needed. A simple phone call may make a significant difference to your settlement.